The dessert

    is a wonderful end to a lovely evening

    What's better than a glass of wine with friends
    and a delicious dessert.



    Many professionals share the view that dessert is the most important dish. It gives the last taste with which the customer will leave your restaurant. And it is up to him how He will appreciate the quality of your kitchen. And whether He will returns ...
    The research of a number of renowned companies involved in the evaluation of restaurants such as Guide Michelin, White Guide and others. show that thanks to the good dessert the customers remain satisfied with the restaurant. Numerous polls conducted among restaurant visitors show that the last impression of the restaurant is best remembered, and most often it is the taste of the dessert.
    Do not underestimate the dessert! It is really the most important dish.

    Most popular desserts at one place


    We bring together all popular desserts!

    Country customs, regional favors and tastes, secret ingredients and long-lasting traditional culinary techniques have created and established some of the most loved and recognized desserts around the globe. Imagine travelling to Italy and having the perfect tiramisu with fresh mascarpone cheese and shot of Italian espresso, or eating New York Cheese Cake in small NY bakery while drinking Americano, or enjoying Traditional French Red wine with dark lava cake – the so called “soufflé” or dreaming for typical English fudge accompanied with Earl Grey. Today, your dream is coming to reality, thanks to the team of Big Sweet Ltd – the Bulgarian importer and distributor who is bringing it all together at the steps of your door.
    In our portfolio, you will find some of the most recognizable worldwide desserts – Italian tiramisu, manufactured near Venice; Traditional NY Style Cheesecake by Brooklyn Bakery or Lava cake with 20% Belgian chocolate; traditional English fudge from Bristol – UK, or Netherlands’ famous apple pie and last but not least – all type of ice cream desserts such as Italian Tartuffe, French Dame Blanche or Café Liege, the Japanese favorite Cassis Royale and many more.
    Since its establishment back in 2004, Big Sweet Ltd has specialized in importing and distributing ice cream, ice-cream and traditional frozen desserts. For the past 14 years we have built long-lasing and respectful partnership with major European producers allowing us to be the single official Bulgarian importer for their goods.
    Our company has been and always will be HORECA-oriented. We believe that our HORECA customers should have access to high quality products satisfying the ever increasing demands of their own end-customers. Our mission is to serve our HORECA customers by providing a diversified portfolio of high quality goods at reasonable price.
    We are constantly monitoring global, regional and country trends and are pleased to announce that the market share of ice cream and frozen desserts is continuously increasing in recent years. Wondering why? Frozen desserts are easy-to-serve and simple-to-“cook” solutions for small and medium HORECA businesses that do not have dedicated pastry chef. They provide constant quality with recognizable flavour and certified ingredients. Frozen desserts preserve over 90% of micro and macro-nutritions and provide healthy and safe choice for end-customers. Last, but not least, frozen desserts are environmentally sustainable. The long-lasting expiration date allows restaurants to store the desserts for months instead of throwing them away at the end of each business day, meaning we produce less food, safe money and preserve the planet.

    Thus, we believe that the future of frozen and ice cream desserts is today.
    Our products are manufactured by leading European companies, using certified ingredients and technologies, ensuring constant quality and environmental sustainability. We do not partner with companies that do not comply with European and Worldwide standards; do not have certified manufacturing plants; use ingredients with unknown origin and quality; test products on animals; harm animals in any way; does not use sustainable technologies or provide dual quality standard for different markets.
    We believe in quality, sustainability and partnership. We value customers. We propose European quality for Bulgarian clients.
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