Belgian sorbet of natural fruits

    • Сорбе от Маракуя

    Sorbet Mango

    Tropical Delicacy
    Tropical sorbet with a luscious mango taste.

    For this sorbet we use the Alphonso mango. These mangos are considered to be the best in terms of sweetness, richness and flavour. A perfect scoop for a tropical dessert.

    • Сорбе Малина

    Sorbet raspberry

    Pink Passion
    Exquisite raspberry sorbet enriched with the finest raspberry pieces.

    Generous use of berries makes the flavour rich and the colour striking raspberry red
    • Сорбе от касис

    Bittersweet Cassis

    Refreshing blackcurrant sorbet with blackcurrant pieces

    This sorbet maintains a typical character of blackcurrant, slightly sour, tart flavour. Blackcurrant is significantly rich in nutrion such as vitamin C and iron among other berries.
    • Сорбе Лимон

    Sorbet Lemon

    Pure Freshness
    Traditional French recipe with fresh and juicy lemons.

    A lemon sorbet in typical French style with a strong tasty lemon tang. This sorbet is intented to keep hold of the impressive sourness, which originates from fresh juicy lemons.

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