Black Vanilla Ice Cream

    The most sophisticated and tasty dessert for this season

    Black Vanilla Ice Cream

    Black Vanilla Ice Cream is an extremely innovative Spanish product. It has traditional vanilla taste and extraordinary out-of-space look. The ice cream is completely black, decorated with golden sugar crystals. The black color is achieved by the usage of activated carbon, which has multiple benefits for the organism such as detox and cleanup. 
    Vanilla Negra is Top Product in Western Europe not only because of the outstanding appearance but also due to the high quality Madagascar vanilla and full-skim cow milk being used in the production process. 
    • Черен сладолед ванилия в чаша
    • Ванилия Негра - черен ванилов сладолед


    • Класическият начин на сервиране е: Поставете чашката черен сладолед в чиния за сервиране.


    Произход Испания


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