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    • Сладолед Ванилия - бърбън

    Vanilla Bourbon Premium 5L

    Premium Quality

    Ice cream flavoured with the best bourbon vanilla available from Madagascar.
    • Сладолед двоен белгийски шоколад

    Belgian Chocolate

    Belgian Quality

    Irresistible ice cream made with the finest Belgian chocolate.
    Top quality Belgian chocolate is carefully selected in order to realize the strong but mildly sweet chocolate taste. No chunks or chips are used, giving the smooth chocolate ice cream the attention it deserves.
    • Сладолед с парченца ягоди

    Smooth and Fruity

    Favourity fruity flavour matching every menu.

    This strawberry ice cream is designed to be as smooth as possible, while at the same time occasionally startling you with pieces of fresh, juicy strawberries.
    • Сладолед пралини /с парченца лешник/.

    Belgian Specialty

    Refined hazelnut ice cream with crispy hazelnut pieces

    Praliné is one of the famous Belgian specialties, it is made with hazelnut paste, sugar and cream, often used as a filling of a chocolate praline.
    • Сладолед с парченца карамел

    Belgian Caramel

    Dairy caramel flavoured ice cream and dairy vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce (2,5%) and caramel pieces (5%)

    • Сладолед страчатела

    Stracciatella with dark Belgian chocolate


    Dairy vanilla ice cream with pieces of dark Belgium chocolate (6%)

    • Сладолед Йогурт с парченца череша

    ice cream Yoghurt

    Refreshing combination of yellow-cherry-flavoured ice cream and dark cherry sorbet with cherry chunks.

    The intense taste of sour cherries turns this ice cream in a quintessential European flavour. Sour cherry has been a fruit favored by patisseries and bakeries all over Europe. The combination of yoghurt and cherry has a long tradition in Europe, but this ice cream creations
    • Сладолед Пистачо с парченца шам фастък

    Pistachio ice cream

    Dairy pistachio ice cream with roasted pistacio nuts from Iran (2,5%
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