Belgium Ice Cream - European selection

    Known in many countries around the world thanks to its exceptional quality, the Belgian Ice Cream MIO combines the traditions of the old masters, the original recipes, one of which dates back to 1935, and the use of high-quality raw materials and advanced technologies.
    For the production of this ice cream is used only natural, fresh cow's milk, pure milk cream, natural fruits and natural flavors. The ice cream thus made is characterized by high density and relatively high weight, rich and saturated taste, mixed with pieces of fruit or natural Belgian chocolate.
    • Ice cream vanila

    Authentic vanilla ice cream from Europe

    Bring versatility in your menu

    The quality control applied by us and the carefully selected ingredients guarantees a consistent high quality, even for this more economical ice cream speciality.
    The dessert combinations which can be made with vanilla ice cream are endless.Therefore a good vanilla is indispensable for any chef who wants to create delicious dessert menu's.

    Pure chocolate

    Ice cream made from  Belgian  chocolate

    looking for an economical, but still highly qualitative chocolate ice cream speciality for your dessert menu? The search will end now with this creation made in the land of chocolate itself. The bea utif u l chocolate colou r of the ice cream is only a preview to its delicious taste.

    No chocolate chunks are mixed  in this recipe, which  allows one to enjoy  the pure, intensive taste of the chocolate ice cream.
    • ice cream chocolate
    • strawberry ice cream

    Strawberry ice cream

    Smooth and fruity
    Favourite  fruity flavour matching every menu

    This strawberry ice cream is designed to be as smooth as possible, while at the same time occasionally startl ing you with pieces of fresh, juicy strawberry.

    The fresh touch of strawberries is preserved to an optimum within the smooth texture of this ice cream

    Traditional European mild coffee ice cream

    Unmistakable, but soft coffee flavoured ice cream without pieces. Which makes it also suitable for combin ations with other dessert ideas.The celebrated caffeinated  beverage is definitely one of the best trad itions in Europe. Consequ entially this classic European coffee ice cream is a must for passionate coffee lovers.

    An  ice cream wh ich is suitable for both summer and winter times. The gentle coffee taste is suitable for anyone and any time.
    • Coffe ice cream
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