Good marketing is a guarantee for successful sales.

    MENU CARDS 2018

    • Menu A5 face
    • Menu A5 back
    • Menu A4 face
    • Menu A4 back

    Visually the greatest way to display our products!

    Our continuous market monitoring and analysing efforts have led to the conclusion that visual displays play an important role in marketing and advertising our products. Working closely with our HORECA customers we found out that specifically designed product menus with professional photographs increase the consumption rates by 4 to 6 times. The professional photos are appealing to end customers, grab their attention and stimulate the purchasing attitude.
    Thus, considering the data and acknowledging the differences in terms of season, location, type of HORECA business, size, price category and others we have developed few menu “types” available at disposal to our HORECA customers.
    Each menu contains company data, product name, professional product photography and combines products with distinctive taste and favours so that even the most demanding end-customer can be satisfied.
    We are proud to say that our menus are continuously improving considering the needs and feedback of our clients, the new products introduced by our partners and the consumption rates of end-customers.
    You can check all menu “styles” in our Gallery.
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