Belgian Lava Cake (Chocolate Soufflé)

    Lava Cake (Chocolate Soufflé) with belgian dark chocolate

    Lava Cake (Chocolate Soufflé)

    Lava cake was first introduced back in 19th century. It’s popular French dessert made by butter, sugar, eggs and chocolate. The secret behind it’s saturated taste is the high quality dark Belgium chocolate, while the fluffy texture is achieved by the separate mixing of egg whites and yolks.
    Our traditional lava cake is produced with high quality ingredients by traditional French recipe. It requires only few minutes within the oven and guarantees constant and delicious taste. Our frozen chocolate soufflé overcomes the two major disadvantages of this traditional dessert – being time and energy-consuming.

    • Lava Cake (Chocolate Soufflé)






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