Italian perfection

    Chocolate ice cream with a centre of zabaglione ice cream, coated with cocoa powder and hazelnut pieces.
    Italians have invented come of the world`s most beloved desserts, Crafted with simple but delicate ingrediends, these treats are truly irresistible...
    The word "Tartufo"means "Truffle"in Italian. This dessert`s name comes from its shape, similar to truffle. Tartufo ice cream known as a combination of chocolate and zabaglione ive cream has long been one of the most popular sedderts in Europe. Based on the traditional zabaglione recipe which uses egg yolks, sugar and Marsala wine /Sicily`s famows sweet dessert wine/. The chocolate ice cream is made with Belgian cocoa powder. The product has a total alcohol content of 0.8%
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    • Класическият начин на сервиране е: Поставете Тартюфото в чинията, в страни от него сипете една супена лъжица бял шоколадов топинг, като в него се поставят 3-4 зърна шам фастък.
      Украсете с резен портокал.


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