Who We are

    Since its establishment back in 2004, Big Sweet Ltd has specialized in importing and distributing ice cream, ice-cream and traditional frozen desserts. For the past 14 years we have built long-lasing and respectful partnership with major European producers allowing us to be the single official Bulgarian importer of their goods.

    We have oriented our business towards frozen desserts because of:

    • Few small dessert producers exist on Bulgarian market
    • Quality of ingredients and technologies used by Bulgarian dessert manufacturers varied in time
    • The Bulgarian market is perceived as “cheap” and Bulgarian manufacturers translate “cheap” into “lower quality” products
    • The dessert menus of our customers were poor and almost “empty”
    • Lack of diversification in terms of desserts (only Traditional Bulgarian desserts such as Biscuit cake were provided by competitors)
    • Higher storage costs and lower usage rate for fresh desserts

    We have started our portfolio with individually-packaged ice cream desserts. After their successful market launching we decided to import fruit-based frozen desserts such as apple and cherry pies. They became leading frozen desserts on the Bulgarian market which gave us courage to continue our portfolio expansion by adding cheesecake and cakes to it. Today, we are proud to say that our portfolio contains frozen desserts for each season and type of HORECA business.




     We sell high quality frozen desserts to HORECA businesses in Bulgaria. We accept orders via mail/phone/site and do door-to-door deliveries with specialized transportation ensuring proper storage and delivery of frozen foods (- 35 degrees per Celsius).

    All of our products are individually-cut in a shared box. Thus, the kitchen staff can take one or multiple portions out of the box without having to unfreeze the whole dessert. We can ensure our customers that the individual-cutting provides multiple benefits such as:

        Improvement in storage and “shelf life” of our products
        Equal portions

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